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How to Enable SSL using Let’s Encrypt from cPanel in 8 Steps?


In this blog we’ll learn some easy steps to enable “SSL” using Let’s Encrypt in your site and make it “Secure” from “Not Secure”.

Follow these steps exactly to get it done.

  • First of all login to Nest Nepal Client Dashboard.

nest nepal client dashboard login page

  • Now click on your service

  • Now click on any service in which cPanel you wants to login.

Choose the active service

  • Now click on Login to Cpanel

login to your cpanel

  • Once you login to your cPanel, search for “lets encrypt”

lets encrypt

  • Now click on the “issue” in the right side of the domain in which you want to install “SSL”

issue lets encrypt ssl

  • Now remember the boxes to tick and untick very carefully as shown in the given below picture.

checking the boxes to install ssl properly

  • Now finally click on this “Issue” button to complete the process.

issuing ssl certificate

Now open your incognito tab and then type your domain name and hit enter and check whether the ssl has installed or not.

I guess it is already installed if it’s not then you can always contact our support agent to help you out.

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Last modified: November 13, 2021