How to Force SSL in WordPress?

Before we begin how to force SSL in WordPress, let’s discuss why it is important. We might have seen some site showing some dangerous notice when we visit because the site doesn’t have proper ssl installed. Some time we misunderstood in installing SSL and forcing http to https.

Suppose you have successfully installed SSL from cPanel by running “run auto ssl” and after that when we try to visit our site then we might not see SSL because we have to force http to https.

There is a simple way to do it if you’re a wordpress user. Follow these steps.

First of all Login to your WordPress

Login to wordpress








Then go to plugins


Now click on Add New Plugin

add new plugin

Now search for Really Simple SSL just like this

really simple ssl

After this install and activate this plugin

install really simple ssl

Now go below the plugin page and search for this plugin that you’ve already installed. Then click on setting under this plugin just like as shown in the picture

Once you click on it, you’ll see an interface just like this.

Simply as you can see there’s a button below in above picture that denote “Activate SSL” Simply click on that & then you’ll see an interface just like this.

Now don’t do anything here and simply check the setting option on the left panel on your wordpress dashboard, there click on general just like the circle one.

Now on that page check every links, links must have https:// and not http:// just like this one.

Great you’ll successfully forced https on your site. Now you can enjoy the Free SSL on your site.

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