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Nulled Themes and Plugins in WordPress: 5 harmful Risks and Cons

Nulled Themes and Plugins in WordPress

Nulled Themes and Plugins in WordPress are those WordPress products that are distributed on the internet as a “FREE” version of a paid theme or plugin. They basically are the pirated version. These themes and plugins are mostly used by those who don’t want to spend their money on them and are unaware of the consequences they might have to face if they use these plugins. Oftentimes, because of this blunder, big companies with WordPress websites get HACKED and lose money.

Risks and Cons of using Nulled Themes and Plugins in WordPress:

  1. Legally bound for compensation:

    Even though many WordPress themes and plugins are open-source, some of them have a part of code protected by copyright laws. Since you will be using a pirated version, you don’t have any legal permission to use the product.

  2. Official Updates on themes and plugins

    Since you will be using a pirated version, you will not be provided with periodically updated releases. Hence the product might be buggy and insecure and no one to fix it. Moreover, WordPress itself releases updates with new compatibility requirements of themes and plugins. In this case, your product will not be updated and your website might go down.Nulled Themes and Plugins in WordPress

  3.  Website Security:

    Likewise, when you are using a pirated version of the product, there is the threat that it might contain malware and it can change the files of the website and make it difficult to detect and fix those files when your website gets hacked. Similarly, your site will also be not indexed by the search engines for spreading malware.

  4. Privacy:

    The Nulled themes and plugins contain different kinds of code that can read through your files and steal the information and sometimes sell them on the dark web. Most of the time, these hacks are not noticeable at all and are executed when your website functions normally.

    Ankur Gajurel

  5. SEO of the website:

    Nulled themes and plugins will affect your SEO. This is because, these themes and plugins can contain malicious codes, spam links, etc. These things will fluctuate the SEO of your website and hence not get ranked properly on search engines. This will also degrade the readability of your website and the user experience will not be that good.



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Last modified: November 19, 2021