How to Register a Domain at Nest Nepal: 10 easy steps you SHOULD follow

Register a DomainRegister a Domain at Nest Nepal

It is very easy to Register a Domain. But first, let’s discuss what a domain name is. A Domain Name is a unique address name to access a website hosted on the Internet. However, a website can also be accessed with a public IP address. Some of the most common top-level domains that are most sold at Nest Nepal are: “.com”, “”, “.net”, “.xyz”, “.shop”, “.fit”, and many more.

Some services available with a domain registration are:

  • DNS Management
  • ID Protection
  • EPP Code

Here is how to Register a Domain in 10 simple steps.


1. First, open your browser and type in “” when you will see the homepage of the website.



Now, click on the “Domains” tab on the nav menu on the top. This will redirect you to the “Domains” page.


2. Now, on the search bar type in your desired domain name and click on the “search” button.



3. After this, click on the “Purchase” button and you will be redirected to the “checkout” page.



4. Now click on “Add to cart”  and “checkout” below the “.com” domain.



5. Now, you can add additional services as mentioned above. Click on the “DNS Management” service and Continue.



6. Now scroll down and fill in the information for a new Nest Nepal account or Log In if you are an existing customer at Nest Nepal.



7. Likewise, scroll down and select your payment method. All the major gateways are available at Nest Nepal.



8. Now, agree to the terms and services and check out.





9. You will now be redirected to eSewa or Khalti or any other gateway you selected.



10. Now you can pay and download the invoice.





Congratulations, you have successfully registered a domain at Nest Nepal. It wasn’t that difficult, was it?

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