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How to activate SSL Certificate on cPanel ? | Nest Nepal

Activate Free SSL Certificate on cPanel

Nest Nepal provides Free SSL Certificate along with Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting & Dedicated Hosting Plans. The SSL Certificate is automatically activated on the Domain within 15-20 Minutes of pointing the DNS & Propagating. If the SSL Certificate is not automatically installed then you can follow the steps listed below to properly install it on your domain. Here is the way you can do it :

Step 1: Login to your cPanel by Going to your Client Area, After Going to Client area Proceed to Services.

free SSL certificate

Step 2: After you log in to your cPanel, This is the screen you’ll see. Sometimes the color or theme of your cPanel may vary if you’ve changed it on your own.


Step 3: In The Search Bar Shown Above, Search For SSL/TLS Status and Follow the SSL/TLS Status link on the cPanel

how to get into SSL on cPanel

Step 4: Select all Domains by Clicking the Checkbox and Click on Run AutoSSL, After it The SSL Issue Request will be sent instantly.

domain selection for SSL

AutoSSL will execute itself and the service will be activated within a few minutes minute once it completes the check. Please note to have an active SSL certificate, you’ll need to have your domain name pointed to our DNS server which are mentioned in the Package.

If you are encountering any of the Issues while issuing SSL Certificate for your Domain Name then Feel free to Generate a Ticket or Contact us via Live Chat.

If you want to register your own official Nepali domain,

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I activate SSL Certificate on cPanel?

To activate an SSL Certificate on your cPanel, follow these steps:
1) Login to your cPanel account.
2) After you login on cPanel search for SSL/TLS Status.
3) Select the domain and Proceed to run AutoSSL.
4) AutoSSL with execute itself and the service will be activated within a few minutes.

Do I need to renew my SSL Certificate?

Yes, SSL Certificates has an expiration date which ranges form 1 to 3 years.

How long does it take to activate an SSL Certificate on cPanel?

The time required to activate an SSL Certificate on cPanel can vary. For free SSL Certificate it may take few minutes. However, for paid SSL certificates, it make take longer as the certificate needs to be issued by the certificate authority and manually installed on your server.

Can I activate an SSL certificate on a shared hosting plan?

Yes, you can activate an SSL certificate on a shared hosting plan.

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