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Nepal's Highest Paying Affiliate Program

Refer visitors to Nest Nepal and earn up to रु.7,250 for each qualified sign-up.
It couldn't be more simple. We're proud to be the Best Affiliate Program in Nepal.

Why is It the

Best Affiliate Program in Nepal ?

Over Rs. 1,00,000 Paid to Affiliates in Last Year Only.

ease and comfort

How does it Work ?

The Procedure is Simple, All you need to do is sign up as an Affiliate & Promote Nest Nepal on your Social Media, Friend's Circle, Website or Blog. We do provide you with your own Special Link. For every Visitor or User who signs up from your Link will receive 10% of the Web Hosting Sale you make.

We do take care of your efforts,
We set the Standards.

we take care of your efforts
ease and comfort

It converts even after 1,29,600 minutes.

Once a customer clicks on your affiliate link, & doesn't checkout. You've still got 89 days. If the visitor makes up the mind to rebuy from us, We do make sure that the Affiliate Comission is added on your account.

Free Templates Just Made Ready for you.

Templates & Resources that are ready-made for you. Just Sign up as an Affiliate, Find the Resources, Promote Nest Nepal, & You're ready to cash out. Lots of Templates to choose from. Monthly Promotions & Special Promo Code upon Request.

ease and comfort
no limit

There is no limit.

We've got no limits, One can earn. Use the Ready Made templates, Bring in Sales & Get the Amount deposited on your eSewa, Khalti, IMEPay or Any Bank Account of your Choice.

We never compromise on Qualtiy.

We make sure that keeping us on #1 Web Hosting in Nepal will really mean us as #1. We do make sure that the Speed provided is Super Fast as we make a use of nvme-SSD.


frequently asked questions

What is Affiliate Program in Nepal by Nest Nepal?

The Nest Nepal Affiliate Program is a marketing program where we pay fixed commissions to our affiliates to drive new customers/referrals. You can promote Nest Nepal by Adding the Banners/Templates we Provide. For Each Sign up we receive, We Provide you with 10% of the Comission.

Where can I promote Nest Nepal ?

You can promote Nest Nepal by adding up links in your Social Media Site, Putting them on Blog Post & so on.

Where can I Find the Templates & Resources to keep them on my Website ?

You can find the Templates & Resources on Welcome Email sent to your email while Activating Affiliate account or also here.

How much can I earn from it ?

You have no limits one can earn.

Can you create Promo Code for my Customers ?

Yes, Just Create a Support ticket & we shall assist you with the Promo Code Creation.

For how much time the Customer is taken as my affiliate if he clicks on my link ?

Yes, Just Create a Support ticket & we shall assist you with the Promo Code Creation.