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Power Your Java Applications with Reliable and Scalable Tomcat Hosting

We specialize in providing top-notch hosting solutions for Java applications powered by Apache Tomcat.

Customize Your Tomcat VPS Plan

Whether you’re just starting your business or ready to level up, there is a plan for you.
VPS Elite
VPS Essential
VPS Plus
Extreme-Level VPS
VPS Ultimate
All International VPS Plan Includes:
Global Data Centers
SSD Storage
Full Root Access
DDoS Protection
24/7 Customer Support
IPv4 & IPv6 Support
99.99% Uptime Guarantee
High Speed Connectivity
Your Customized VPS
Your VPS (Virtual Private Server) will be set up with these settings.
IPV4 Address
Unmetered  Bandwidth
Root Access

All Tomcat Hosting Consists of

easy upgrade plan

Tomcat Version Support

Nest Nepal ensures compatibility with the latest Tomcat versions for optimal performance and security.

24/7 network security

Dedicated Tomcat Environment

Each account receives a dedicated Tomcat environment for secure and efficient application execution.

lightspeed network server

Servlet and JSP Support

Seamlessly deploy servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP) with full support and functionality.

free ssl certificate

Scalability and Flexibility

Scale your applications effortlessly and customize your hosting environment according to your needs.

daily backups

Resource Management

Access intuitive tools for managing resources effectively, optimizing performance, and monitoring usage.


24/7 Expert Support

Our experienced team provides round-the-clock assistance for any Tomcat-related inquiries or issues.

hosting in nepal

Our hosting support team is always available to help.

We will never sell you something you do not need, and all consultants are also support technicians so will be able to understand your requirements and explain your options.
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Plans & Features


रू.0 /mo

With a 3-yr term (70% savings)

Renews at same price


रू.1200 /mo

With a 3-yr term (70% savings)

Renews at same price


रू.2100 /mo

With a 3-yr term (70% savings)

Renews at same price


रू.0 /mo

With a 3-yr term (70% savings)

Renews at same price


रू.5000 /mo

With a 3-yr term (70% savings)

Renews at same price


रू.0 /mo

With a 3-yr term (70% savings)

Renews at same price


रू.9000 /mo

With a 3-yr term (70% savings)

Renews at same price

RAM 2 GB 2 GB 4 GB8 GB16 GB16 GB32 GB
nvme-SSD Disk Space20 GB 40 GB 80 GB160 GB160 GB240 GB240 GB
Traffic 20 TB20 TB20 TB20 TB20 TB20 TB20 TB
IPv4 Address 1111111
Navigating The Perks

Tomcat Hosting with Nest Nepal.

Enjoy powerful and flexible Node JS hosting with Nest Nepal. Our service ensures high performance, easy scalability, and top-notch support, making it perfect for all your application needs.
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Comprehensive Monitoring and Analytics Solutions.

Gain insights into the performance and health of your Python applications with built-in monitoring and analytics tools, allowing you to identify and address issues proactively.

Developer-Friendly Tools & Services.

Access developer-friendly tools and utilities such as SSH (Secure Shell) access, Git integration, and remote debugging support, empowering developers to streamline development workflows and optimize application performance.
wordpress based sites are very fast with nest nepal hosting
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Load Balancing and Auto-Scaling

Implement load balancing and auto-scaling capabilities to distribute traffic evenly across multiple servers and automatically scale resources up or down based on demand, ensuring optimal performance and availability under varying workloads.
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Benefits of Tomcat Hosting

Java Servlet and JSP Support
Open Source
Reliable Performance
Cross-Platform Compatibility
Easy Configuration
Robust Monitoring Tools
Compatibility with Apache
Active Community

Tens of Five Star Ratings. Every Day.

The Reason Behind People's Choice...


They have good hosting in Nepal as well as very responsive customer service. They provide wide variety and range of hosting plans curated according to customer requirement.

Basanta Thapaliya

Nest Nepal Customer


I have been using Nest Nepal as my hosting provider in Nepal for quite a while now and to my surprise the support team is always there even in the midnight to assist if anything goes out of track.

Yuvraj Timalsina

Nest Nepal Customer


Nest Nepal is great at its work. Their hosting packages is ideal for any type of works. I have been using their hosting for a year and it's best web hosting in Nepal. Customer Support is also great.

Sulav Parajuli

Nest Nepal Customer

5-star-rating is one of the best web hosting in Nepal. They've been without fail being the affordable and quickest webhosting company around.

Dinesh Jung Rana

Nest Nepal Customer

Our customers rate us Excellenttrustpilot with Trustscore 4.6 out of 5
Global Reach, Nest Reliability

Our support team is like a builder bird—meticulous, skilled, and ready to solve your web challenges.

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