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You pay Rs.12000 today. Renews at same price on 23 Feb, 2025.

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  • 1  vCPU

  • 2 GB RAM

  • 20 GB nvme-SSD

  • 20 TB Traffic

  • 1 IPv4   Address



You pay Rs.14400 today. Renews at same price on 23 Feb, 2025.

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  • 2  vCPU

  • 2 GB RAM

  • 40 GB nvme-SSD

  • 20 TB Traffic

  • 1 IPv4  Address

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You pay Rs.25200 today. Renews at same price on 23 Feb, 2025.

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  • 3  vCPU

  • 4 GB RAM

  • 80 GB nvme-SSD

  • 20 TB  Traffic

  • 1 IPv4 Address

All Nepal VPS Hosting Plans consists of

Swift Server

Lightspeed server that delivers blazing-fast performance with seamless connectivity for users.

IPv4 Address

VPS hosting offers a dedicated IPV4 address, crucial for hosting and making your website accessible online.

Root Access

VPS hosting grants server control, letting you manage and customize your hosting environment efficiently.


VPS hosting can employ NVMe SSD storage, providing faster data access and enhanced performance than HDDs.


Allocate virtual CPU cores (vCores) with VPS hosting for efficient application performance and resource handling.


VPS hosting allocates exclusive resources like RAM, CPU, and storage to your virtual server.

Our hosting support team is always available to help.

We will never sell you something you do not need, and all consultants are also support technicians so will be able to understand your requirements and explain your options.
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Plans & Features


रू.1000 /mo

With a 3-yr term (70% savings)

Renews at same price


रू.1200 /mo

With a 3-yr term (70% savings)

Renews at same price


रू.2100 /mo

With a 3-yr term (70% savings)

Renews at same price


रू.4000 /mo

With a 3-yr term (70% savings)

Renews at same price


रू.5000 /mo

With a 3-yr term (70% savings)

Renews at same price


रू.7000 /mo

With a 3-yr term (70% savings)

Renews at same price


रू.-0.08333333333333333 /mo

With a 3-yr term (70% savings)

Renews at same price

RAM 2 GB 2 GB 4 GB8 GB16 GB16 GB32 GB
nvme-SSD Disk Space20 GB 40 GB 80 GB160 GB160 GB240 GB240 GB
Traffic 20 TB20 TB20 TB20 TB20 TB20 TB20 TB
IPv4 Address 1111111
get the dedicated resources for the vps you buy from nest nepal
get the dedicated resources for the vps you buy from nest nepal
Dedicated Resources

Your Choice of Dedicated Resources

VPS hosting provides dedicated resources such as RAM (Random Access Memory), CPU, and storage specifically allocated to your virtual server, ensuring consistent performance and eliminating the risk of resource contention from other users.
Root Access

Your Server, Your Control

With VPS hosting, you have administrative access to the server, allowing you to have full control over your hosting environment and make customizations as needed.
Get the root control of the server
Get the root control of the server
Domain Names

Every Great Idea Starts with a Great Name.

Your Domain Name is your Website Address. While .com Names are the most Popular, Explore .org, .tech, .co and more.

Who needs Best VPS Hosting in Nepal ?

Businesses and individuals seeking optimal performance, reliability, and security for their online ventures can benefit from the best VPS in Nepal offered by our hosting services.
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Big or Small, We understand it's your Passion.

For ecommerce stores, this flexibility & Speed is a must, as it allows you to cope with traffic spikes and increased pressure.
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It's Made perfectly for System admins like you.

If you're a System administrator who is Managing your Business's Online Presence, Nepal Based VPS Hosting
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Experience Ultra-Low Latency with Our Game Servers.

If you're a Gamer Planning to Game in your Own Server then Nepal Based Server would be the Perfect Choice.
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Benefits of VPS Hosting

Enhanced Performance
Quick Deployment
Dedicated IP Address
Root Access
Resource Allocation
Ease of Management

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They have good hosting in Nepal as well as very responsive customer service. They provide wide variety and range of hosting plans curated according to customer requirement.

Basanta Thapaliya

Nest Nepal Customer


I have been using Nest Nepal as my hosting provider in Nepal for quite a while now and to my surprise the support team is always there even in the midnight to assist if anything goes out of track.

Yuvraj Timalsina

Nest Nepal Customer


Nest Nepal is great at its work. Their hosting packages is ideal for any type of works. I have been using their hosting for a year and it's best web hosting in Nepal. Customer Support is also great.

Sulav Parajuli

Nest Nepal Customer

5-star-rating is one of the best web hosting in Nepal. They've been without fail being the affordable and quickest webhosting company around.

Dinesh Jung Rana

Nest Nepal Customer

Our customers rate us Excellenttrustpilot with Trustscore 4.6 out of 5

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Nest Nepal is the best domain and web hosting provider in Nepal. They are really good at technical or any support you want. Setting up the services were easy with them. Best!!!


Rishav Khatri

Nest Nepal Customer